Microsoft Remote Desktop 8.0 App Reviews

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i have trouble in login, "Invalid Login Credentials. Please Re-Enter." but i do have the right id & password, why?

Hi, Im having the same problem. I have correct logins but I get "Invalid Login Credentials. Please Re-Enter." I am using version Version 8.0.41 (Build 27312) of Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac. Any advice on how to go around this problem will be appreciated. Regards

Well Done

I like what they did here. The app works great and is very stable. Considering where this is from, I am impressed.

Love it

I can use my big iMac 4k monitor and use my work laptop at the same time. I hardwire my Window PC in the other room nad work with my iMac with access to everything. Although I love Parallel’s, this keeps my work data where it’s supposed to be with and connected over VPN. …. love it. Its also getting better with each update. Especially the auto-reconnect feature.

Can’t export RDP

When trying to export RDP to save them/share them with co-workers, I get a huge error, “Cannot write to file.” This has been happening for several versions now and doesn’t seem to be addressed.

Doesn’t remember credentials

Why doesn’t this think ever remember its credentials? It should use Apple’s Keychain to store login info. I try to keep secure passwords, but as a result, I can’t really remember them. This program requires me to go look it up all the time. Very annoying to use.

Graphics Bug in Version 8.0.32 (Build 27142)

The new version has fixed the missing pixels in the remote session (never really noticed this) only to introduce a Mac screen presentation issue when a session is set to “Start in full screen”. The session starts shifted left and smaller than the available screen area on the Mac. The session resets (somewhat inaccurately) to fullscreen mode by toggling out and back into fullscreen. This was fine on the previous version. I wish there was a way to revert versions. :-(

New Issue

After upgrading to 8.0.32 I am getting “Connection reset by peer” trying to connect to my Windows Home Server. I was working fine with the previous version. Very frustrating.

Needs some work when connecting to remote resources.

Has gotten progressively worse with each release. As of 8.0.32, remote resource windows now do not draw properly. They have a large black swatch at the top, and the bottom of the window is cut off, as if the application window is not fitting the mask properly. As a result it’s nearly impossible to resize something. Avoid if you can.

Works Well

Overall the program seems to work well. I use it on a daily basis to connect to Microsoft Azure resources. It would get 5 stars from me if it had the Server Name title bar on the top of the window in full screen mode, like RDP sessions in Windows have. This would make it a breeze to able to swipe between full screen windows for servers, and know that you’re in the correct session. I don’t have any of the display problems that others seem to be reporting.

Scaling fixed, more to be done!

The scaling has been fixed! from 3 to 4 stars! BUT - It is time to include grouping and drag/drop function. i should be able to drag and drop hosts up or down.


Works well, but it is crucial to make copy/paste work.

Works for iphone but not macbook

So, I have an Iphone on which this application works wonderfully well. But on my Macbook Pro with OS X EL Capitan V10.11.5, When I enter my credentials and start the connection, I always get the error :”The Requested session access is denied”. Tried looking it up on various forums online but to no avail.

Connection Fail

After the update to 8.0.32 getting “Connection reset by peer” when I try to connect to my Windows Media server. Worked fine before, and I can access the server fine using my iOS devices.

Fixed pixels cut off issue? Or INTRODUCED this issue?

I had no issue before, but now I am having this problem with the latest version.

Works well

I use it to connect to my Windows machine in local network. A little improvement is to add a functionality that allows opening connections from terminal.

Previous version was working well. Now full screen broken

Just upgraded to version 8.0.32 (Build 274142). Now going into full screen doesn’t work. Full screen cannot center the remote machine so only a portion shows up and you see a black/grey bar on the left and top sides. I’ve tried to adjust my resolution settings, and nothing fixes it. The closest I can get is having the Windows bottom Task Bar/Start button cut off. Please fix this Microsoft.

Recent update breaks full screen capability

The recent update is only able to do full screen if screens do not have separate spaces (OSX 10.9.5). Disabling separate spaces (requires logout) lets the RD go full screen, but then any other monitors display a gray screen which makes multitasking with other OSX programs a real burden. Previous versions of remote desktop have been buggy going to full screen with sepeate spaces enabled, but that was easily (usually) remedied by disconnecting/connecting a second or third time. This issue combined with the inability of Windows Professional to use RD with multiple monitors (must have Windows Ultimate) is the reason I gave Microsoft Remote Desktop app only 1 star. It would be nice to be able to roll back the app to a previously working version.

Constantly Freezes

I am using AnyConnect then to Microsoft Remote Desktop with OSX El Capitan 10.11.5 Since the update, I am constantly loosing connection and freezes. Very frustrating. The only work around is to close the application, wait at least 2 minutes then launch. It would be nice to roll back to previous version.

Latest Update Breaks RDP to Win 2003 Boxes

Overall this is a pretty decent application for connecting to remote servers. However this is the second time in a year that Microsoft has broken then connection to Server 2003 computers. Last year we experienced the same thing and Microsoft released a fix that addressed the issue. Now again we have the same problem. Get it together MICROSOFT!

Almost gave it 1 star, then I resolved the problem...

I almost gave this a 1 star but one last ditch effort I solved the problem. I was having a dual monitor issue where it would extend the screen to my second monitor and cut off my remote computer so I could only see a small portion. The solution is to edit your desktop connection setup and uncheck USE ALL MONITORS. This fixed all my problems and I am back in play. The connection is quick and the response is smooth.

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