Microsoft Remote Desktop 8.0 App Reviews

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Buggy Application

Keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. Doesn’t fit the screen on Retina Display.

Rarely Works with TS Gateway

This rarely works with a TS gateway. 90% of the time it will fail with the error: invalid gateway credentials. You can see in the past release notes that Microsoft has promised, several times, that this bug has been fixed; I assure you it hasn’t. This app is written using Qt 4.8, an antiquated version of Qt that is no longer supported. Until Microsoft can move it to Qt 5 it will continue to look terrible on Retina screens and will not follow the native look n’ feel.

Unusable since update

App was perfect but since the last update it is virtually unusable. I am constantly disconnected/reconnected from my remote desktop. Please fix!

Love it but one big problem filling screen

I have a mid- 2011 21.5” iMac. When i connect to my remote server, the window is pushed slightly above the top of the screen, so it cuts off the top part. The fix i found is that to click the green button and then the green button again and then it fills the screen nicley. It is just annoying and should fill the screen properly the first time. Otherwise, I love this application and use it all the time. Literally, all the time. I need a windows PC and not a mac so it gets used 24/7

Works Great

Connects me to my desktop computer at work. It does that perfectly which is exactly what i needed. Great App!

Won’t Connect Since Update

I can no longer log in since I have updated to the latest version. I worked perfectly before but now I continue to get the error, “The Login Failed”. No other information. Nothing has changed with my company’s server and I have not adjusted any of the settings. Looks like I’ll be driving to work today…on a Saturday.

Totally killed my ability to work remotely

Why does Microsoft make these revisions that make a working product fail? Now I have to find another method of accessing our server….

Multiple Errors

I use this app for work and it no longer is working. Since the update on March 15th, I continued to receive the error message “Log in failed”.. IT went through numerous attempts to fix what they thought was the issues, and now the client will not connect to the server at all and advises the to “make sure the remote desktop is on”..well it is. Please fix this app as soon as possible because I am enjoying working remotely.

This Update messed me up

This app worked great for connecting into remote windows machines. That is, until I installed this March 15 update. Now I can almost see the pixels individually being updated when the screen changes. I can’t scroll anymore using a mouse, the app doesn’t support such a fast speed. Basically it now takes 5-10 seconds for the cursor to update when you hover over an item, it used to be like working on the machine directly. Someone really slowed the performance down of this app to make it painfully slow and basically unusable. How do I go back to the previous version? When it did the update, the previous one isn’t in the trash, it’s gone.

Here’s what they broke this time

So far: * Changed the app name, so broke the connection to the alias saved in the Dock * Screen dimensions are wrong, at least on my 23” Cinema HD display — the Windows display goes off the top of my monitor, so if I Maximize a window, I have to hunt for the controls in the title bar Pretty basic stuff. Who tests this stuff? On the other hand, normal RDC functionality is still working, so when you have to use a Windows machine, this is still the way to do it.

Doesn’t work at all since update

All I get now is a shadowed question mark in my dock and I can no longer access remote desktop at all. This update was terrible.

Do Not Update to Version 8.0.28

It was working fine on Friday, but this morning the application had an automatic update and now I’m getting login errors with the new version. I can’t connect and our IT Director can’t figure out what to do about it. I guess I’ll be going in to work until Microsoft finally fixes it. So sick of Microsoft!!!!

Need sub folders

I like the application, but would really like to see a way to group applications.

Auto Reconnect Works Great

This update finally added auto reconnect. Worked great from home to the office. I have not had any of the issues with this version that others have commented on. But I’m still running Mavericks.

"Logon Failed” with new update

After the latest update to the current version I now receive a “Logon failed” error, every single time. I use a RD Gateway that allows me to connect to a computer on a different network. Worked like a charm until the latest update. Has anyone found a fix for this? Or is there a link to download a previous version? I read one person had to revert to a previous TimeMachine snapshot with the older version to get it working. Doing that just doesn’t sound like a reliable option..

Don’t use this update!!!

I can no longer connect to our remote services. I have spent the last six hours troubleshooting across mulitiple computers. The only solution is to avoid allowing your mac to update to 8.0.28. The app connects, negotiates credtials and then simply gives me a response “Login Failed” - THERE IS NO FIX!! I can login usin the 8.0.26 app with the exact same credentials. EDIT: Thank God for Time Machine. I was able to roll back to a previous version and connect to my server!

Update Bug for Remote Resources

I use Remote Resources to connect to my remote desktop. My URL, username, and password information have not changed, and they are obviously valid, as they result in a Remote Desktop icon appearing under Remote Resources. However, since the latest update, when I click on the Remote Desktop icon in Remote Resources, the connection stalls briefly at “Connecting…” and I get a pop up stating “Invalid Login Credentials. Please Re-Enter.” I re-enter the same password that is already used to generate my Remote Resources feed itself, and the login proceeds normally. So the most recent update somehow requires me to enter my password in Remote Resources itself and then to enter it again when I try to actually log on. I have never had this problem prior to the most recent update, and I made no changes to my own system that could have caused this. It happened the first time I tried to log on after the update, and despite deleting and reinstalling the app and re-entering the correct information in Remote Resources, it still gives me the same fake error message prompting me to re-enter my password every time I attempt to connect to the remote desktop.

I’m screwed

This update fails to log-in properly. Consistently get Log-In Fail. My previous version 8.0.26 app worked perfectly prior to the update, and now when negotiating credentials I immediately receive a "logon failed" message. Can’t work…means I can’t get paid. Yup, I’m screwed.

Problems since update 3/15

I can still connnect (thankfully), but the screen is now clipped at the top, so it’s very difficult to operate min/max/close buttons on a window that is maximized on my Windows machine at work. I will never again update a Microsoft Mac App (wow, now that just sounds wrong) immediately and will only wait till I see what kind of trouble it ends up causing. Why can’t software actually be tested before it’s deployed?? I am a software developer myself, and know for a fact we’d suffer hard if we did this sort of thing to our customers. So we test and test and test before we release, doing our best to avoid this kind of thing. If we can do it, why can’t big companies like Microsoft??? Hey Microsoft, we actually use this software in order to do our jobs - we cannot afford to have you breaking it like this.

Can’t add a desktop connection

Seems insane to me that there doesn’t seem to be any way to add a new connection. I click the “New” button, fill out the information, but there’s no “add” or “continue” button to actually add the connection. I can’t imagine I’m missing anything, but perhaps the app just has terrible UX.

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