Microsoft Remote Desktop 8.0 App Reviews

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Resolution is messed up!

Now, when I connect to a computer, it cuts off the top of the screen. The only way to fix it is to take it out of full screen, and then bring it back to full screen. Frustrating!

app update changed the file name

This changed the Applicaitons name after updating withou notice. Pleas revert back.

Incompatible with newest version of El Capitan

I’m an IT team lead for a large medical office and was recently asked to set my nurses up with a home connection. I was walking through the steps today with a nurse’s husband, who is a physician, and he kept receiving “Logon Failed” despite trying every combonation of connection input information possible; however, I was still able to connect without problem. After looking at the App Store, I found that I was running 8.0.26 while he was running this version. I updated my version, but it still worked just fine for me. I then realized that I had a complete software update to do in order to run the newest version of El Capitan, so I did it. Now, I get the same “Logon Failed” message he received every single time I try to connect. I’ve read that the “preview app” is not an answer to this problem as it runs your CPU load to the max. If this version was released a week ago and so many users (based on what I’ve read on Microsoft’s website) are having the same issue, why hasn’t this been made a top priority to fix? Every one of my 9 physicians work from home on a MacBook… I now have to tell them that, whatever they do, DO NOT run your El Capitan software update? Kind of ridiculous.

Complete Mess

This was a nice application, especially if you needed access to an instance of the Edge browser for testing. However, it is a complete mess now. You can no longer paste anything into any part of the app. This makes using strong credentials extremely difficult. The Preference pane just disappears when you click on any tab in it. If you do get an instance running, it often freezes now or displays improperly.

No Preoblems

Did the update on the 15th and haven’t had any issues. I agree with other that sub folders would be a great add.

Don’t update until app is fixed

Thank you to Chels_lanae for the advice. I updated my iMac and am having trouble connecting. Left my Macbook with the old version and can connect just fine. I do a ton of work at home and luckily can do so on one computer. I agree. Very distressing that the new version doesn’t work, especially on a Friday. There will be a lot of unhappy customers by Monday!

XQuartz version was mostly better

Every time a vew version comes out I hope that screen glitches have been fixed, and so far every time is a huge disappointment. I’ve given up on this for now and am back to XQuartz. FREQUENT screen corruption / garbage; a lot of times I have to highlight text to see what it says. No way to send a print screen without an external keyboard or using the onscreen keyboard. Same goes for other keyboard shortcuts, it lacks a menu to send keystrokes as needed. This is pretty basic functionality. Copy / paste is the only reason to use this rather than the XQuartz version. Copy/paste works great on XQuartz until you copy something huge and then sit waiting for it all to transmit over the network. I haven’t seen this even attempt to copy something large… in fact I frequently have to “copy” it twice to get it to paste correctly. On second thought maybe this isn’t such a great implementation of this feature. The icons (you’re going to be staring at them a lot) are HUGE. No way to customize their appearance / size. In general it’s glitchy and unrefined, like a bad beta version.

Great app for remoting to Windows Machines or Win-VMs

I’ve been a Microsoft Remote Desktop App user for very long time suing my MacBook Air on OS Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, and last with El Capitan OS. And, let me tell you the previews version (2011) was terrible crashing, on all of he OS versions; usually, when my MBA was waking up from Standby’s, etc. However, I’ve been using this version and so far I have not had any single crash, and it works as it suppose to, I do not see any delays, etc. I think for those are having some performance issues, may be due to improper configurations for the client connection you need to first put in place. So, my advice, is to make sure you set all of your settings “correctly” (know what you are setting up) for each of your RD’s. I’m quite, happy of its performance, and I do recommend this free Genuine Microsoft RD tool. Thank you

Works and works well.

I use this app daily to sysadmin over 500 windows servers. Yes at first launch it was lacking a bit, but with the now included search, it works and works very well for what a sysadmin would use it for, which is RDP to a windows machine.

Doesn’t work with El Capitan v10.11.4

App doesn’t work with the latest version of El Capitan. If you are an Apple user don’t upgraade your OS until stupid Microsoft has figured this out.

It works, very well.

I had the expectation of entering in my server information and the App to tell me I did something wrong and to try again. Not the case. It was easy to input in the servers information and surprisingly it worked on the first try. I am using full RDP on my MacBook Pro and happy. :)

Works good for the most part...

This application has been working great since I first purchased my mac about a month ago. However, recently when I remote into my Windows 10 workstation, the title bar of maximized programs is above the physical screen of my mac. I can just barely see the bottom of the “X”, maximize/restore and minimize buttons. Other than that, this works great and has good multi-monitor support. Stop removing my reviews! I don’t need support. It’s a bug in the application, not an error in how I’m using it.

Why does Microsoft need to update this every week?

This app updates every week and nothing ever changes. I keep it installed but use the older “Remote Desktop Connection” much more often.

Support for the Retina Display is the only missing thing.

I would really love to give this ap,p full 5 stars when it starts supporting Retina Displaly. CAN WE PLESE HAVE RETINA DISPLAY SUPPORT. Thanks in advance.

bug ridden

i attempt to use it to log in to a PC on work domain over wifi. once in a while i can get it to work once, then as it logs in it freezes (either screen goes black or simply freezes). when i use it to remote in to an actual server then it works basically always. i’ve since stopped using this for remoting in to a PC, and use chrome remote desktop for that now. i’ve checked PC settings many times over and they are all correct ; and have also tried this program using FQDN, IP etc and still has tons of issues. 2 stars for the bugs whether the bugs are in windows 7 x64 or this program.

Fixed! Works again!!

Thank goodness MS fixed the issue casued with the prior update. I can now go back to work. Best RDC available for windows that is free- just know you must have other items in place to establish a remote connection back to your PC. This is not like LogMeIn or GoToMyPC, it takes some configuration to have a remote connecton off site of your LAN. I use a VPN to our windows server-and this client. Its fast, simple, and easy to use.

Sub folders below My Desktop

This app has come along nicely but the feature it is lacking most is the ability to create sub folders below My Desktop to organise recorded desk tops.


I admit that I was very frustrated with the El Capitan update and the MS RDP app incompatibility. However, now that the app has updated I am connecting successfully. This app (for me) is the best way to connect to my RDP server. Because I have to use this for work and I am new to apple I was concerned that the inablility to connect might be a frequent problem—app had only 2 stars. I decided to download parallel and purchase Windows 10. This worked…i could use the remote desktop app in windows, however, it was so small that it was very difficult to read. I called microsoft and they were wonderful, however, we could not increase the size of the display or the font in the rdp. I am now happy that the app is working and I have a back-up just in case.

Does does not work after update 8.0.29

Worked fine in previous version, but will nor connect now. reset everything and still does not work. Updates are supposed to improve things not cause them to fail

Was good, now has quirks

This does the job, and does it well. No complaints there. My only complaints are more annoyances. Why have a checkbox for do not show again on the splash screen if it will always show the splash screen no matter what the state of the checkbox is? Also, since about 3 updates ago the screen size is slightly messed up. Now it cuts off 1/2 the buttons at the top of the screen if you are in full screen mode and a window is also full screen. Basically if I have IE open full screen on my workstation and I remote in using my Mac 1/2 of the buttons on the top right side of IE are cut off. Everytimg I try to close a window my Mac’s finder bar appears. This never happened in the past, like I said only within the last few updates. Outside of these two minor items this has got to be the best remote access utility on a Mac to access a Windows system.

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