Microsoft Remote Desktop 8.0 App Reviews

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Always crashing...

Each time I reboot a W2k3 server, application crashes :/ Each time I experience a network latency, application crashes :/

french keyboard !!!!!!

French keyboard still not correctly mapped!!! (MacBookPro)

Keyboard Layot

Why on app for mac os from first realese using keyboard layots for PC?

Character mapping

This is an MacOS App, right ? Designed to take control on Windows computer from MacOS computer, right ? So why is the keyboard mapping such a mess ? The last update lost the * character from french MacBook keyboard to Windows french OS. (It worked on the old Microsoft CBD program, which doesn’t work anymore, due to security improvement…)

Last version and * issue on French keyboard.

The previous version was working like a charm. Since the latest version, I get an Old bug from the very old version of MS RDP Mac OS Client. The * has disappear again! If it does not come back, I will have to move to another app!

App OK but French Azerty Keyboard not recognized

The app works fine for almost everything but the keyboard is not correctly mapped. It’s a bit surprising that after n releases of the product nothing has been done to address this issue. Keyboard layout should be added on Terminal servers or a dynamic mapping in the app. With French Azerty keyboard selected in TS, you get = when typing - and some other mismatch With French Belgian Azerty keyboard selected in TS, you get - when typing - but then to get @ you need tp press CTRL+ALT+2 or CTRL+ALT+3 to get # This Keyboard issue is a major issue.

Still no fix for the keyboard layout !!!!

And again… It’s hard to believe that Slovenian and Hungarian mapping have been fixed when French is still not correctly mapped !!!! A new update and yet still no fix for the keyboard layout problem…. A mac keyboard is not a PC keyboard, you need to take this in account so that we can use your software… The Old 2.x version was working fine !

Ok this new version is functioning on el capitan

I uses Cord but it is unstable. This new version seems to function. Let’s see.

This new version loses all the login/pwd database !!!

This new version loses all the login/pwd database !!!


Grande evolução. Microsoft they are alive more than ever!

Good Tool

Way much better!

Great! With swipes support!

Works great!!! Some gestures works on Windows 8’s tiles, Windows Explorer and so on!

The best of the best

Very good in the following items: - User interface; - User configuration; - Performance; and - Features.

Works like a charm

It works pretty well, but I coudn’t use it with 2 monitors, that is the only thing that bothers me. anyways, good software.

Works but could be better

Very good app, works great and do what it is supposed to, but a few thing could be better. Every time time you open a connection the full screen cuts the top of the remote screen. Control doesn’t work all the time as is supposed to, things like control + side arrow will change the screen not the appropriate function on the remote pc. Other thing that annoys me is that every time I lock the mac or it goes to sleep my current connections are lost.


Works with virtualbox and was the only rdp free client that worked perfectly. Thank you Microsoft hahaha

Version 8.0.19 is broken!!!

Always errors “Connection reset by peer” when connecting to servers that employ custom certificates. Please, revert to the previous version ASAP!!!

There is a mouse bug

When i conec to the remote computer, the mouse point lucks funny whit 3 pointers insted of one. And the resolution isn’t right. I have a macbook 15 retina and everyting looks so big on the remote computer.

Nice app for connecting with remote windows server

Now I can really do home office and work. Since I work on a windows server 2012 R2 and its resolution adapt with the client device, I don’t face any trouble when connecting and working on.

Connecting to Azure VM works again

thx for fixing this issue!

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