Microsoft Remote Desktop 8.0 App Reviews

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Imrpove it!

It turns out that MS RDP is the only workable solution at the moment. Take a look at the Citrix client… all common short cuts are converted to windows desktops. For example Cmd+C or Cmd+V works there as Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, Alt+L adds @, and so on. For mac keyboard layout users it is a horror to switch permanent between the different layouts, so hopefully this will be improved one day! Add Groups in the available lists. For many items in the list it is very handsome if we were able to add groups and created own sorted sections.

Works perfectly

No problems, works great & excellent price :-) Used to do remote login with an old Windows-Notebook and now I can use my MacBook Air :-)

Last Update

Well great, the last Update destroyed it.

CMD-C/CMD-V still not working to edit conneciton properties

Still cannot copy/paste with keyboard shortcuts to/from connection properties (connection name/PC name field), despite the fact that the context menus of those entry fields advertise them. Very, very basic stuff...

It has never worked

It has never worked for me. I guess it just can’t authenticate when Windows domain is required - I tried to enter it in many different ways, the result was always the same - locked Active Directory account. Fortunately, the old 2.1.1 RDP client still works.

This update breaks dual monitor support

I have a dual monitor on both my Mac and the remote PC and Remote Desktop can connect to it and display both screens without an issue until this update. This make the app totally useless for me. Please have it fixed ASAP.

Overall good but still wants to use French keyboard

Eveytime I connect to the remote machine it defaults to Canadian French keyboard even though both machines do not use this. Other than that works good

Windows 7 Pro explorer hangs after connecting from Mac OS X / iOS RDC

I use RDC often to connect to my work computer, Winodws 7 Pro (with all relevant updates). I connect from my Mac OS X (Yosemite) RDC (latest version) or sometimes from my iPhone (iOS 8.1, latest RDC version). With both Mac OS and iOS version I have the same phenonema - after I disconnect and then log in to my Windows 7 machine locally (so not through RDC), the explorer.exe process on that machine hangs (that happens every time) and needs to be restarted. If I log in to my Windows 7 machine using Windows 7 RDC, this doesn’t happen. This exists with Mac OS / iOS RDC already for a long long time and hasn’t been fixed.

Finally it works for me!

With this update, I am now able to use “MS office” apps remotely. Before this update, when opening anything of that suite, the app would crash, and I would not be able to subsequently reconnect to my remote machine at all. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

A Very Strong Product

I use this multiple times per day and I would say that in most ways it’s even superior to the Windows version. I’ve never had a problem specific to this product, the root cause has always been an issue with the server.

Working as expected with Azure support

Working fine with Azure. The trick, to connect to an Azure VM, you have to save the file locally (download) from Azure and double click the file to connect. You can’t add the configuration directly in the app.


I fail to understand why Microsoft fails to fix this app..THis why dropped Windows based PC…..Microsoft is just horrible company - fix the thing please i can’t RDP from Mac to Windows!!!!!

Just terrible!

I had the previous version and it was working well. This version has now disabled all but native resolution, so I cannot select a display resolution of my choice. Also after importing my rdp sessions, when I closed the app down upon opening again all of them were lost. Edit: I closed the app down again and deleted the app. Re-installed and imported sessions. Native resolution was only option again. After closing/reopening app once again were the multiple resolution options available. Seems to be working well now. 4 stars for the initial upgrade hassle. Updated Edit: Downrated to 1 star, as judging by the previous release reviews I was going bonkers trying to figure out why my ‘Select All - Ctrl -A’ function wasn’t working any more. Or for that matter the ‘Shift button, mouse click’ combo was not selecting multiple item. Utter garbage to release an ‘update’ that strips key features out of an app. About the only good thing about v8 over v2 client is the somewhat speedier response to mouse and keyboard presses, that’s it. Pull up your socks Microsoft.

Poor quality - was it ever tested??

I use remote desktop all the time, but this has to be the worst of available applications. Everytime I connect on my non-retina display on Yosemite, I need to switch into and out of full screen to have the screen display correctly. Frequent disconnects - a problem I do not have when I connect from any other remote desktop application Microsoft — Free app or not: you’ve got to do better.

version 8.0.12

Since updated version 8.0.12 not be able to use /console session. Very big BUG…. It was working nice previously. Microsoft update is a back to the past….

Has trouble sending correct keys

This apps works pretty well overall - speed and responsiveness are good. If you put the Macbook to sleep while in a session, then wake it up, the app sometimes has trouble handling recovery. My main issue is with sending the right keys. The shift key works for uppercase letters, but symbols are all over the place. For example I have to press Shift+6 to get a question mark instead of Shift+/. I’ve had to learn a new mapping to get the right symbols - mostly punctuation. When I’m using Office 2010 on Windows 7, and I press the Delete key to erase an email, it instead takes me to my Calendar. So still some work to be done on this, but overall not bad.

Bug in this release

I’m getting the following error with this upgrade "Failed to establish RDG/HTTPS out channel”. No changes in settings were made between versions.


This is unusable. Cant get the session to full screen properly, the keyboard narrator keeps coming on and the virtual Windows key is stuck on when controlling a Windows PC, so it logs out everytime I hit the ‘L’ key. Did anyone try this out before releasing it?

doesn’t work

This update does not work. I am unable to connect since upgrading to this version. Don’t upgrade to this version.

Buggy buggy buggy

Hangs on startup, freezes when starting to open a new connection. Try, try again and it finally works. This was a stable product before Microsoft took over… Do they hate Apple so much? I’m trying to remote in to their OS!

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