Microsoft Remote Desktop 8.0 App Reviews

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Please Add File Transfer

Please Add File Transfer, it is the only thing missing from RDP from a Windows Desktop! Otherwise the App is Solid!

Doesn’t work well with large fonts

If you remote onto a PC that has “large fonts” set, the mouse pointers get all screwed up. Dragging cells in Excel, for example, becomes nearly impossible. Other than that, it works well.

Basically WORKS!

THis has been the most buggy app to date. I use this all day long on multiple devices. They always run slow and seem to crash frequently. The freezing has increased dramatically over the last few weeks. I think im going to pay the $29.99 for a real RDP that will work.

Almost there

This is shaping up to be a pretty decent application, but there is a significant flaw that prevents it from being as good as it could be. On retina displays, the top of the remote screen is cut off, making it difficult to get to the title bar on maximized applications.

Definitely making good progress.

I use this app every day in my corporate work environment. It is a solid app and does the job well. It’s snappy, easy to configure, and is very straight forward. Something that has bothered me about the app though is that window focus will jump around while running a RemoteApp that pops up additional windows. It is more of an annoyance than a problem, but it can get aggravating at times. Another issue I have come across are the ‘ever-expanding’ windows. In my environment, we use RemoteApps to run some programs that require Java. We have run into a problem where certain Java security dialogues will pop up and start expanding and will not stop, ever. The windows just grow and grow. Sometimes you can click on the window and press the return/enter key, and it will go away because by pressing enter/return you’ve accepted whatever the dialogue had on it (you can’t see anything on the dialogue box). Other times this does not work, but you can quickly minimize the window, and it will keep it from continuing to expand. The one feature that it is missing right now is the ability to add multiple RemoteApp Resources like in Windows and iOS. Please add this much-needed feature!

New bug: RDP windows shifted up slightly partially blocking top of window

After installing the 8.0.30 release, now all RDP windows are shifted up slightly, partially blocking the top of the window making it difficult to hit button controls and menu items on maximized applicaiton windows. Update: thougth this would be a minor annoyance that turned into a frustrating RDP session after a while; had to restore previous version. App rating down to 2 stars now.

Good app but scaling off

new update has scaling off. cutting off top of remote desktops.

Making some progress, still a few bugs

I use this app every day at work, and it gets the job done. There is definitely an issue with window scaling in this version. For me, everything is shifted up slightly. I found a workaround for this pressing command-2 then command-1 (or Window->Scaling followed by Window->Full screen). If the delays on modifier keys and mouse scrolling could be fixed, I would be so happy with this application.

Error Code with Version 8.0.30 (But I still like the app)

It seems that almost every other update in the past ten months, I can’t connect (like with this one). "HTTPEndpointException: 4, The proxy failed to connect with the message: 503 RPC Error: 532” is my current message. Nothing has changed in my settings or my server. I usually have to wait for another update to correct the problem. But when the app works, it works well. Hence the four stars. Creating a new connection is relatively simple for one who doesn’t know much in that area. And it’s a free app. Though I do believe a product should perform well - free or not. So, it’s not a perfect app, but I prefer it to others like it. I’m confident that the folks behind the scenes work hard to keep in functional, which is why I recommend it to most.

RemoteApps stopped working

The published RemoteApps stopped working with this update. All we now see if “Connecting” please fix.

It won’t download

I also tried getting it from the Microsoft site and neither will work.

good, but doesnt fit to screen

works ok, although you cant use computer names, only IP addresses to connect. also, when you first connect it wont be fit to the screen, you have to resize it so that it does not get cropped off

Remote Resources quite doesnt work

Using el captian, cannot actually connect to remote resources, it says connection refused, but I am able to get he remoteapps list from Server 2008 R2.

Much better than the old version that comes with office

If you are getting connection issues with the old version that comes with office, this seems like the fix. I have no issues now using this version. Microsoft, please bundle this with office or create a dialog box during installation so users are aware it exists.

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